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Need a dentist that accepts Careington Discount Plans in Newington CT? East Cedar Dental’s Dr Aaron Farrokh DDS is accepting new patients. Careington offers deep discounts on dental services and procedures that matter to our patients. Schedule a new patient appointment today! We provide dental services in Newington and West Hartford, Connecticut.

Careington Discount Plans

Carington Plans offer dental discounts and allow members to control their spending and health care choices. Their nationwide network of providers allows members to visit network dentists without limits on use of the plan. With affordable monthly and annual rates, the plans offer additional value and complement other employee insurance plans or for those without coverage elsewhere.

How Do Careington Discounts Work?

Discount plans differ from traditional insurance in that users don’t have a deductibles, co-pays or a schedule of approved procedures that are covered by an insurer or require approval before getting treatment. Instead, members receive discounts on dental services and procedures simply by enrolling in a savings plan and then showing their membership card at their dentist appointment.

For any questions about your dental discounts on dental care, please contact your Careington representative or our office at (860) 667-0875.

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About Careington

Carington Solutions located in Frisco, Texas was founded in 1979. Its main mission was to offer members access to affordable care. Their plans are available nationally, and they serve more than 15 million people with their services and products.

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